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3WDroid (3rd World Android) is a startup organization that has developed a technology solution that brings Internet access to the final 10% of the poorest populations in emerging economies. It uses a combination of low cost, low powered Raspberry PI embedded computers (https://www.raspberrypi.org/) to create a WiFi mesh network backbone that is joined by Android phones and tablets. Local entrepreneurs are empowered with a sustainable business model by owning and managing the encrypted network by delivering low cost data services to the local population.

It is a well established fact that Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a powerful emerging field to support the most under-served regions of the world to emerge from desperate poverty. The Internet is now being delivered to these impoverished areas in multiple ways. Mobile phone companies providing cellular service is ubiquitous now in the 3rd World having leaped over the wired phase. NGO's and local government have deployed point-to-point over the air dishes to extend city fiber feeds into the countryside. Moon shot projects using high altitude drones such as Google's Project Wing and Facebook's Project Aquila are now actively being deployed. Google's hot air balloon Project Loon is also active. The 3WDroid solution takes ICT to the next level in these impoverished areas by extending such network access using Android devices into the local villages and homes. Furthermore, local services using proxy servers that don't rely upon Internet access can also utilize the local WiFi mesh off-grid network to provide custom apps relevant to the particular demographic.

The following video gives a brief introduction and shows the working prototype in action:

This project has been a work in progress for a number of years now. The current prototype has evolved from its first incantation as a part time hobby into a final full-time push to make a true workable solution. The plan is to present the prototype to philanthropic enterprises interested in funding it in order to create a viable standalone non-profit or partner with such an existing enterprise with the same vision of bring data services to impoverished areas of our planet.


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